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Thread: Bellows glue

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    Re: Bellows glue

    Combination of contact cement and screwed-on strips. Be sure that the contact cement layers are thin (but still viable) and even, as a "blob" of glue can transmit light! The screwed on strips can help mitigate this light-piping issue, as well as help to ensure that things don't get pulled apart as the bellows is stressed over time, by various movements, expansions/contractions, and environmental conditions.

    The aforementioned strips can be omitted...but if so, be sure to give the cement a week or so to cure more fully before putting any stress on the bellows. Sometimes, if a "strip-less" bellows begins to separate from one or both frames, the strips can (if design/mounting permits) be added at that point, with it being a 50/50 proposition as to whether you'll want to pull the bellows off and re-glue first. My advice is to first pull gently to test the old glue for resistance, because pulling too hard can tear the fabric and make a mess!

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    Re: Bellows glue

    Loctite 480 Black is also quite good for bellows attachment. Designed for porous material to metal or wood.

    Evostick is good as well. In either case, be sure to get adequate coverage on your frames.
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    Re: Bellows glue

    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelGJ47 View Post
    G’Day All
    I recently extended my bellows on my Burke & James 5x7 much longer than normal and the bellows pulled away on one side where it is glued to the front standard ,any suggestions as to what glue to use to repair this. I assume this is the original bellows and I hope to send it off to be replaced soon but in the meantime I would like to use it.
    Michael, I've used Permatex UltraBlack Gasket Maker, #82180, in a 3.5oz tube, with perfect results so far. Two years on the bellows frame that I glued back into place (after cleaning the glued surfaces well) has withstood a couple of dozen maximum extensions and many lesser extensions.

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    Re: Bellows glue

    Well I ordered the glue on stick) and it arrived today from the jersey islands and I have applied it and will let it set for a few days and see what happens.I was going to order it from the US but being in Canada the shipping cost USPS-was more than the took 9 days from the UK and shipping was a 1/3 of that from the US. Looking forward to using this camera.
    Thank everybody for the suggestions

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