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Thread: Dynalite Infrared Transmitter

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    Dynalite Infrared Transmitter

    Dynalite is now Defunctalite. It's a shame. They're tireless workhorses. And they're versatile.

    I've just thrown my lens cap back into the ring after a long hiatus (15 years) from commercial & editorial shooting. I gave some of my cameras and all of my lights away to my erstwhile photo assistants. Now that I'm back in the saddle (to mix metaphors) I just bought a used, good-as-new Dynalite lighting system because that's what I used for decades before. But I'd never used a Dynalite IRT-1 transmitter that came with the M2000wi and the M1000xr packs I now have, thanks to eBay. Does anyone out there have any experience troubleshooting this combo? I can't get them them to play nice with the transmitter. Incidentally, I'm shooting a Hasselblad CFV II 50C with an EL/X and a Cambo Actus.

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    Re: Dynalite Infrared Transmitter

    Dynalite two channel IR transmitters were supplied by Wein Products Corp. The switch on the pack should be set to the correct IR position. I used a Wein Pro Sync on channel one with a 1000wi with no problem. There is no learning procedure as with the Pocket Wizard radios on later Dynalite packs. Dynalite went to radios instead of IR because new digital cameras put out a lot of IR for focusing, and this would interfere with the coded IR pulses from the Pro Sync.

    Dynalite repairs are now available at the same New Jersey location as the original factory, by the former lead technician.

    Call John at 908 209 2485
    or email him

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