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Thread: Film on a Plane: Check It or Carry-On?

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    Re: Film on a Plane: Check It or Carry-On?

    Thanks everyone. All good stuff to keep and hold for the future.

    Sadly, my wife and I have decided to cancel our trip to Estes Park Colo and RMNP in October. We will wait till the pandemic mutations and booster shot situation shakes out some more. We are both in at least one high risk group.

    Again: Thanks to all.
    Drew Bedo

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    Re: Film on a Plane: Check It or Carry-On?

    Quote Originally Posted by Alan9940 View Post
    Don't know if this is true, but I've heard that if they can't see what's inside the bag they will crank the power; obviously not good for film. Is it possible to ship film to your destination or buy it there? Otherwise, hand check as stated above your best option.
    A few years ago I put film in one of those lead shields; the x-ray scanning technician couldn't see what was inside it: I had to remove it from my bag; the film was hand inspected.

    There is a very long thread on Photrio about the newish airport scanners.

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