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Thread: Hello from London, UK

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    Hello from London, UK


    I'm just starting my large format journey as a continuation of my photographic hobby. I'm currently using a Hasselblad 203FE and 903 SWC for film, both of which I really like, mainly for the interchangeable film backs and their optical and build quality.
    I have used and sold a Voigtlander Bessa II, Rolleiflex 2.8F and a Minolta Autocord which I enjoyed but not enough to keep. Regretting the Rolleiflex now though!
    I also use a Canon 5D Mk1 for digital with old manual lenses which I like for ease, speed and quantity.

    However the images that I most enjoy are invariably the ones taken with film. Even with (or perhaps because of) their imperfections they strike me as having so much more character and impact. The look is just so hard to replicate with digital and in a way I don't want it to.
    Those precious exposures that took more effort to create give more pleasure because of the work that went into crafting them.

    I recently took my tripod with me whilst shooting with the Hasselblads in an effort to improve my image quality and forced myself to use it on all my trips out during the summer holidays, which got me thinking:
    If I'm going to all this effort for medium format, surely it'll be worth the extra to shoot large format instead? A camera's character changes once it's mounted on a tripod. Composition becomes much easier and considered without having to worry about shutter speed and camera shake.

    I had previously dismissed LF due to the unwieldliness and slowness.

    So I purchased a 4x5 Graflex Pacemaker Speed Graphic setup (3 lenses, flash, film backs) to go with the Dallmeyer 8inch F2.9 lens I recently acquired, but really on the lookout for a working RB Auto / Series D / Super D.

    A Chamonix 45H-1 is also on the list since I enjoy taking wide-angle landscapes.

    The main problem will be hiding all this new kit from the wife.

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    Re: Hello from London, UK


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    Re: Hello from London, UK

    Welcome to the best LF community on the web. There are many resources on the home page, including this one


    which may help you out of the dilemma with respect to hiding equipment from your wife and is good advice in any case, as many here will attest. What you said about the images that take the time to produce is something many are discovering or rediscovering. How many cameras and lenses you have is your business, and there is certainly a role for exploration, but, as with film and other materials, it's not a bad idea to imagine having to choose just one and then concentrating on what you can do with it, even if you don't whittle your choices down that far. The view camera is a wonderful tool with many talents. You'll find a wealth of insight here as you pursue your journey.

    We look forward to seeing your work!
    Philip Ulanowsky

    Sine scientia ars nihil est. (Without science/knowledge, art is nothing.)

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    Re: Hello from London, UK

    Thanks for the welcome.

    I do believe that cameras are just tools. And yes, you can make a camera do just about anything if you're determined enough.

    Taken 5 years ago at a photography meet up using the Hasselblad and 110mm F2 lens.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Graffiti Tunnel15a.jpg  

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    Re: Hello from London, UK

    Hi Wai

    Welcome to the forum.


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    Re: Hello from London, UK

    Hide it from the wife!?!!! Stash it in your mistresses' closet... (Next to the leather umbrella and pony...) Problem solved... ;-)

    Good luck, and have fun!!!

    Steve K

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    Re: Hello from London, UK

    Welcome, quite a few of us here.

    Do check out as well.

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    Re: Hello from London, UK

    Thanks! I will check it out.

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