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Thread: Peace Vans!

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    Re: Peace Vans!

    Quote Originally Posted by Drew Wiley View Post
    Willie - one of my favorite movies is Fargo. She certainly managed to aim the shot well with her big mittens on. A little bit of creative fiction always helps.
    And she was pregnant!

    I enjoyed Fargo; I've watched it often enough. It had some violence. But the mid-western humor helped to balance that out. What do ya think 'bout that. Hmm?

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    Re: Peace Vans!

    FARGO, the movie.

    A dark comedy that many up here do NOT like at all. The Yooper Accent (Upper Peninsula - UP) is real. Some so bad it is almost impossible to understand them.

    Coen Brothers are from Minnesota and it was poking fun at home.

    Former Governor of North Dakota John Hoeven was on billboards and many visiting would look and comment "Jerry Lundegaard" - if they had seen the movie.

    Schools here make sure to teach kids how to spell Bismarck, the State Capitol.

    And yes, I do have a wood chipper... just in case?

    On Photography, you might check out the Photo Workshop Tillman Crane offers here. Through Maine Media Workshops. Tillman has a son who attended University of North Dakota. Place has the top Drone program in the nation in conjunction with Grand F orks Air Base.
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    Re: Peace Vans!

    Well, I thought it was a wonderfully quirky, brilliantly overstated melodramatic morality play : Crime doesn't pay, things unravel, don't get cocky, most criminals are actually stupid, and never buy a used wood-chipper from one. Actually far less violent than the Res I grew up beside, which wasn't fiction, though they did throw in a token Shep Proudfoot (great actor - that look in his eyes when he got questioned in the repair shop); Jerry Lundegaard - the quintessential weasel car dealership manager - throwing his windshield scraper in a fit of frustration; the Japanese guy with the Swedish accent. One thing after another. The violence was just a plot line - the disgusted wrinkle on McDormand's nose when she saw the chipper in action was the point. Stereotypes at their best, fair or not.

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