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Thread: Nighttime is the right time!

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    Re: Nighttime is the right time!

    I am deeply saddened to share word of the passing of the original author of this thread, Jeffrey Goggin ("Audii-Dudii"):

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    Re: Nighttime is the right time!

    Very sad, indeed. His contributions and knowledge will be missed.
    Thanks for passing it along, Oren.

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    Re: Nighttime is the right time!

    I'm so sorry to hear this. I looked Jeffrey up long ago upon first reading of his night-time exploits here. If you'd like to put a face to the nickname, here's himself in his own words:

    Rest In Peace 'Audii-Dudii'. Your presence will be missed, Jeffrey.

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    Re: Nighttime is the right time!

    This is very sad new, RIP.

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    Re: Nighttime is the right time!

    Sad news.
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    Re: Nighttime is the right time!

    Sad to hear the news. His photography has been a pleasure to view. RIP.

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    Re: Nighttime is the right time!

    Here is a post card I printed of a lunar eclipse gone wrong (5x7 neg contacted onto post card paper). The post card was taped to my office door for a few years.

    Tri-X, 5x7, 28" (710mm) lens, multiple exposures (f22 @ 1/25th sec at 15 minute intervals), shutter freezing open during the fourth moon. Love it!

    Lens -- a Turner Reich with the longest element on the rear, none in front of the shutter, on a cold evening outside Yosemite Nat. Park.

    8x10 Kodak 2D w/ 5x7 back. Got to love the bellows!

    April 23rd, 1997 (a week before my triplets were born). Looks not all that sharp...could have used f16 at 1/50th sec., but that is wide open at this focal length.
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