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Thread: Durst 138s

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    Durst 138s

    I have a Durst 138s enlarger and could really use a manual. Some older threads recommend Jensen Optical but that site no longer works, and I have been unable to find one online for under about 30 bucks (seems expensive). Does any have a manual that could be copied?

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    Durst 138s


    I have a manual I got form their site several months ago. If will e-mail you a scanned copy if you send me your email address - find mine by clicking on my name below. If you really want to I can send you a copy of their service manual as well, although it's something I tend to think one will rarely need and its 38 pages.

    I do not know if there is another more thorough manual as this one doesn't explain how to the table tilting guide ( via the centre circular plate on table ) work but one can figure that out oneself with a bit of help from school geometry.



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    Durst 138s

    I found a manual for $9 (ebay) but can't remember who I got it from. I had posted a request looking for one on apug and someone sent me a link. Keep looking, you'll find one eventually.

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