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Thread: LF cameras with geared tilt movements

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    Re: LF cameras with geared tilt movements

    The Wista SP has micro swing back and friction front tilt

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    Re: LF cameras with geared tilt movements

    All movements, front and back, on the Toyo Robos are geared except for swing. However the specs say that the camera weighs 12lbs but it's the lightest 12lbs I ever handled. The standard bellows are oversized permitting extreme movements and there is a 6" rail which permit packing in a suitable backpack without removing the bellows and collapsing the standards. A factory fitted case is available which holds the camera and several accessories for transport. However the Robos is a hard to find camera. I found one in a factory fitted case in absolutely mint condition at Igor's for $795. I usually transport mine around on a 2-wheel dolly and switch to a tripod dolly on location.


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    Re: LF cameras with geared tilt movements

    For myself, geared rise/shift is handy to help fine framing on the edges after other movements are applied... But for tilts/swings, I prefer that they can move freely (in my hand until locked down) so I can move standard around under/over corrected in/out while watching what in happening in real time, but geared would mean this is slowed down and if combining tilt/swing would mean the two movements would be going their own (linear) way, not directly to the angle I want...

    The camera I like this best with is the Graphic View II, as it has true axis tilts where one can move a standard a little or lot while watching what is happening without having to re-focus constantly and fine tuning the movement well...

    Most of this won't matter to the landscape photographer much, but doing many tabletop strange shape objects on a good monorail, one learns to appreciate the features...

    Steve K

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