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Thread: 4x5 sheets with a white "triangle"

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    4x5 sheets with a white "triangle"


    Today I was developing at home for the first time and I noticed that some of the negatives are having a white triangle on them.
    All of them have been taken with the same lens, 105mm f8, the negatives taken with a different lens are fine.

    What could be the problem with the lens? Maybe the blades aren't closing properly after shooting.

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    Re: 4x5 sheets with a white "triangle"

    Not a lens problem. You have fogging of the film from light leaking around a badly seated bellows or lensboard perhaps.

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    Re: 4x5 sheets with a white "triangle"

    Thanks!! you are right, I did a check now and there was some light coming from one side of the lensboard

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