Experiment: here are two partial prints that were similar in tone and exposure to begin with. Paper is Ilford MGFB Classic Matte initially developed in PF-130 fixed and allowed to dry.

Second Pass
Bleached through midtones with Pot-ferri bleach 5 mins.
redeveloped in PF 130 diluted to 1:10 vs. redeveloped in Pyrocat-M 1:1:100 to full development ~ 10 minutes
washed and dried
Scan - straight cheap desktop scan of both prints at same time no PS manipulations except to add white border, paper curl may affect focus.

PF 130 tone is almost flat grey with a slight purple cast in the scan - appears neutral in real life and no apparent color shift from original.
Pyrocat-M tone is same brightness but appears to have more contrast and is much warmer in tone. some paper staining.
The PM tone is much more subtle than using a toner like Thiourea.

Using PS color selection tool CMYK

Bright Highlights PF 130 C:7 M:8 Y:6 K:0. PM C:5 M:8 Y:7 K:0
Middle tone. PF 130 C:49 M:45 Y:37 K:5. PM C:47 M:46 Y:40 K:6
Darkest value. PF 130 C:65 M:65 Y:54 K:42. PM C:62 M:54 Y:58 K:45