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Thread: 20th Century Spiral reel for 8x10

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    20th Century Spiral reel for 8x10

    I have the spiral reels from 20th Century Camera to develop 4x5 as well as 2x3 and 6.5x9. Since I知 slowly moving towards an 8x10 setup, I知 looking at the best way to develop. Their 8x10 spool holds two 8x10 sheets in a 5-reel Paterson tank:

    Tray development is out, but I知 open to other ideas. My biggest need it it has to be a daylight tank of some kind. My main concern with the 20th Century reel is whether it will develop evenLy. The 4x5 reel works fine, obut this is a lot taller, and the film is spooled more since it has to fit twice the linear dimension into the same diameter tank. It will also use a lot of chemicals if it is used upright with normal agitation, so I may want to find a small tank roller.

    Has anyone used these, or can you recommend another daylight tank to develop 8x10?

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    Re: 20th Century Spiral reel for 8x10

    Some people are using the fairly new Stearman Press 8x10 daylight tray:

    There are a couple of threads about the Stearman.

    I'll be following your thread to learn what people have to say about both products.

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    Re: 20th Century Spiral reel for 8x10

    It will take a bit before I can provide feedback, since I’m acquiring slowly everything I need to actually shoot 8x10. It’s a gradual process and will be a few months before I can shoot something. I like both the Stearman and the 20th Century for 4x5. The 20th Century 8x10 has the benefit of being able to develop 2 sheets at once compared to the Stearman setup which only does a sheet at a time. But the Stearman is more frugal with chemistry from what I can see.

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    Re: 20th Century Spiral reel for 8x10

    The 20th Century 8x10 reel didn't work out for me so I returned it; gouges in the emulsion and uneven development. For the record, I was doing inversion agitation. I tried the "twirly stick", but couldn't get even development. I, also, found it difficult to load. I have and use their 4x5 reel, and have been totally satisfied with it. For 8x10, I'd recommend the Stearman tray, BTZS tubes (the old gray ones, if you can find 'em), or a Jobo Expert drum on a roller base. There's always the simple solution--trays--but...

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