I am currently gathering information on this camera with a view to writing an article about it.
At present I am reasonably clear on functionality but I have as yet been able to find nothing on who made it, where and when it was made and in what numbers although I suspect it to be low production. The cameras are very well made but carry no serial numbers that I can see.
It is a strut folding rangefinder equipped camera that takes single 9x12 glass plates in metal holders. These are loaded into a quick load drop down back similar to the method employed by the Peeling and Van Neck Press cameras. It carries a self capping rear focal plane shutter and a shutter equipped Xenar lens on a removable lens board. The focusing scales appear along the top edge of the front lens panel and I know that telephoto and wide angle options were also available. I also know that there was a slightly higher specification Mark III version of this camera made.
There is a possible link to Wales but as yet this is tenuous.
If anyone has an example of this camera and knows anything of its history I would be very grateful to them for sharing it. I would love to get this camera documented before it is completely lost to the mists of time.
I would add that internet searches are fruitless.

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