Hi there,

I am new to large format but not to photography (I have a collection of film cameras from 35mm to 6x7), although it has been many years since I developed my own films. I expect that to change as I learn 4x5 cameras with B&W film before wasting any colour slide film.

I bought a Sinar P2 which is quite bulky and heavy so not ideal for landscapes, but lets see if I take it out from the studio I am about to setup. My plan is for still life to start with as well as portraits and then landscapes once I know how to use the equipment ... nothing worse than losing the light while you read the instructions

I am sure to be on the technique and gear threads to start on my learning path. I do at least already have a sturdy tripod and head on which it all balances, but maybe ... just maybe ... I need a wooden one such as Berlebach or Ries and one of their bomb proof heads. I think LF is just another excuse for GAS.