Hello .
I've bought a used , DIY built 10"x12" Large format camera and film holder .
It only cost me 45 , so I'm quite happy with it .
I need to replace the missing focus screen and make a few modifications to so it can be dismantled for transport and improve stability .

There's one area I need a bit of advice on though , and that's the bellows .
Their not leather bellows , there some sort of cloth based one that has stiffened up with age .
If I were to use them as is , the corners will go in a short space of time . ( I reckon )

So I need to know what to apply to them to soften them up again .
I'm in the U.K , so need to know of products that are available over here .

In the description of the sellers listing for the camera , they had this to say regards to the bellows ;
"Bellows have stiffened with age and will need conditioning to become supple. They have softened slightly with some silicon treatment but will need to be softened more for proper use"

So is silicone the right thing to use , and in what form ?

I have included some photos of the bellows to help identify the material used .

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Thanks in advance .