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Initial looking around has me interested in a Wista, with the intention to carry over some of my 35mm working style and FOV preferences to 4x5. I shoot most often with a 50mm and a 105, and I figure this puts me in the market for a 135-150mm, and a 300mm. I shoot a lot of work very tight, like half or quarter face, and am looking forward to what 4x5 offers in this regard - is that a pipe dream?
The 4x5 negative is very generous and it enables tight framing without necessitating hard-to-use long focal length lenses that stress the basic design of folding cameras. The secret is framing by cropping. Ok, cropping is a hard compromise on 35mm, maybe not so bad on roll film. But on 4x5 you can cut a negative in half and throw half away. Then take what left, cut it in half, and throw half away. You still have a negative bigger than what a Hasselblad delivers.