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Thread: Helloes from Gianluca, in Italy (starting with LF)

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    Helloes from Gianluca, in Italy (starting with LF)

    Ciao to you all.

    I am back at photography after decades: I quit years ago and never resumed following my ex-girfriend throwing my Nikon gear on the floor...
    In truth I eventually got occasions to use digital machinery (as an amateur astronomer, I use dedicated cooled cameras; and I used other digital cameras for sporadic family ceremonies).

    But I got biten from photography again, unexpectedly and abruptely: digital imaging is fantastic, but it's with film photography that I really feel I'm doing photography.

    Past year, after a few 135 rolls, I tried 6x6 with a Hasselblad 500 C/M, and 6x7 with a Pentax 67: even if I adore 6x7, today I factually use 135 mostly with "bring me everywhere" small cameras, and I feel at home with the 500 C/M.

    In the meantime I started studying in a more formal and methodic way, and immediately I have been attracted by LF. So, I have bought a Wista 45 SP that I use as the "larger than usual bring me anywhere" camera.

    I rate my results as just modest, but maybe I am getting a bit better (or, at least: a bit more aware of what's happening...) at developing and at composing: hope to get better results with time. Later this year we'll starta few maintenance work at home, and that will be occasion to reconfigure a bathroom as a darkoom (also for printing).

    Recent unplanned purchases have been :a Cambo Legend 5x7 that I took for its larger format and larger movement: I plan to use it sporadically, mostly for architectural; I took it also because these are not much frequent and was at a good price point; pity is that I cannot print 5x7 plate film.

    A camera that I hope to get soon and that I hope that I'll use as frequently as possible is a 8x10 low-budget 3D printed camera. I chose this as since the beginning my interest was for 8x10 and larger formats; these cameras are quite large, heavy, costly and challenging, so I want to try with the 3D printed camera to at least experiment and to better understand if I am worth this step. Time will say... in a few months.

    Thanks for accepting me in this forum: happy to share this passion with you all (even if I am just at the beginning level...).


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    Re: Helloes from Gianluca, in Italy (starting with LF)

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    Re: Helloes from Gianluca, in Italy (starting with LF)

    Already sounds like you're well on your way down that slippery slope! Welcome to LF and these forums.

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    Re: Helloes from Gianluca, in Italy (starting with LF)

    Well, we understand why she is your ex girlfriend!

    Shooting 8x10 is a lot of fun. Composing an image on that big ground glass is a joy. Welcome to the forum. We are glad to have you!

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