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Thread: Arca Swiss Core 75 leveler fliplock

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    Arca Swiss Core 75 leveler fliplock

    I'm looking for a stable head with 3 movement to carry my Chamonix 45H1.
    Since the cost is "material" I was wandering if it worths the money.
    Any opinion on the quality and usability of that head?

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    Re: Arca Swiss Core 75 leveler fliplock

    I'm sure its fantastic (if limited in movements) and very precise. (I just use an old $60 3D head with locking levers on my 5x7" and it's done the job for the last 20 years. Sorry if my reply is not relevant). "Whether you think you can, or think you can't, you are right."

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    Re: Arca Swiss Core 75 leveler fliplock

    I haven't used the Arca Swiss Core 75 leveler but the gearing looks similar to the Linhof 3D Micro Geared head.

    I use the Alpa version of the Linhof head and I'm very happy with it. The gearing is so fine that it makes leveling very easy. The tradeoff is that the adjustment range is limited and it takes a lot of turns of the knob if you aren't very close to level. The top part of the head will overhang the lowest adjustment knob for adjustments approaching the end of the range. (That is why the knobs are relatively small).

    I actually use the head mostly with a dslr for real estate pictures. It makes it very easy to adjust for uneven floors/surfaces. For real estate, I take a lot of pictures from many locations that aren't very far apart but often require adjusting the leveling. I'm often taking 50 pictures in approximately one hour. Using the head is a lot faster than Photoshop.

    You probably aren't burning through LF film nearly that quick so the time savings probably isn't there. Geared leveling heads are a delight to use however.

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