Dear forum members,

I have a question about large format BW print on Lambda 131.
At first, I must say that I am not a professional photographer neither someone who usually orders large scale prints, so please forgive me in advance if my questions or answers would look really stupid. Also sorry for my language skills, as English is not my native.

I really liked the idea of printing a large (100x25 inch) landscape BW photo and putting it to the wall in my office, so I started to research available options and stumbled upon "VAST" large scale prints website. They offer nice chromogenic prints but prices are a little too steep for me. So I bought a photo from the stock, found a lab that offers printing on Lambda and ordered a sample. However there was a problem - print does not match original colors. It looks like some light blue filter was applied to it, so everything looks bluish, especially white color. Lab guys said that the reason was Fuji premium paper for color prints that they used. They say that it adds color to the original picture if used for BW printing and there is no other paper option for a BW print of this scale.

I would really appreciate if you can confirm that paper for color prints can really be the reason for color mismatching if used for printing in BW?
What would be the best BW printing paper for the 100x25 inch print, if any?

Thanks in advance,