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Thread: Film Storage accident

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    Film Storage accident

    Hello, Iíve had a malfunction with my fridge freezer,Ö it got accidentally switched off and it defrosted. It was full of 4x5 and 120 film. Iíve no idea how long itís been off but itís back on now!
    Itís summer time in the uk so not ridiculously hot.
    My question is, is my film, most of it in quick load sealed packets and sealed 120 foil packets still ok?
    The boxes are wet but the silver foil envelopes with the film inside are just damp and have been dried off now.
    Many thanks

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    Re: Film Storage accident

    I would think that as long as no moisture made it's way to the actual film sheets or rolls, they should be OK. The next time you thaw a roll or pack, if the film is not stuck to another sheet or the 120 backing paper, that should be a good indication, but if it is stuck, that should be a bad indication. Unfortunately, the only way to know for sure is likely going to be processing after shooting

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    Re: Film Storage accident

    Why is your film not in plastic bags inside the freezer? a gram of prevention....
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    Re: Film Storage accident

    Quote Originally Posted by esearing View Post
    Why is your film not in plastic bags inside the freezer? a gram of prevention....
    Agreed. If you are going to cold store film, it should be sealed in bags or some kind of plastic boxes to prevent moisture getting near the packaging.

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    Re: Film Storage accident

    And raised off of the bottom of the freezer

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    Re: Film Storage accident

    Thank you for all of your replies.
    Youíre right, in hindsight it should all be in plastic bags. They will be from now on!
    The silver sealed packets inside the cardboard boxes are fine, just the boxes that are damp.
    When I got the film I didnít know how to keep it safe, I was just told, put it in the fridge!

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    Re: Film Storage accident

    Your film should be fine. But plastic bags and a spacer on the bottom of the fridge are decent preventative measures so that next time the cardboard boxes don't disintegrate.

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