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Thread: Anyone else Problems with the Darkroom?

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    Anyone else Problems with the Darkroom?

    In addition to 4x5, I shoot a butt ton of 35mm and generally send my c-41 process to the Darkroom. For the past few months (maybe mid pandemic onward) I have been receiving crinkled, sometimes dusty and horizontally scratched (single line across the whole role) 35mm negs back. I always get my 35mm uncut so it is easy to batch scan, and the scratch seems to be related to the lip on the sleeve they use, in combination with very tight rolling they do for shipping.

    Different cameras and film stocks have returned in condition outlined above.

    I have not had any issues with the 4x5 I have sent them over this same period.

    I wanted to see if I have had a few unlucky experiences in a row, or if others have also noticed a sudden decline in quality?

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    Re: Anyone else Problems with the Darkroom?

    I've only sent em sheet film; no issues.

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    Re: Anyone else Problems with the Darkroom?

    I wonder if it could be the difference between dip and dunk, versus machine processing for roll-film?

    Roll film can be done both ways, so perhaps they switched for some reason as a result of the pandemic?

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