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Thread: Assessing Dollar Value of Equipment

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    Re: Assessing Dollar Value of Equipment

    If you sell enough on eBay you learn what the going prices are. Occasionally, someone will pay too much or something sells for too low but most of the times items sell for the normal "eBay" price at the time. As mentioned above check the sold prices to get an idea. When I used to sell on eBay I couldn't get what KEH got for items. KEH has overhead they have to cover so they have to charge more. Also people are willing to pay more to a trusted company like KEH over some eBay seller they don't know anything about.

    From what I have seen, items on this forum and Photrio usually sell for less than those listed on eBay and KEH. If you do list an item on here and it doesn't sell then you can always lower the price until it does.

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    Re: Assessing Dollar Value of Equipment

    I wouldn't expect top dollar. I just think it's a crime to keep these lenses stored away not being used. I really had no idea where to start on the valuation of these lenses. In 2009 I bought a package deal with four Schneider Kreuznach XL lenses and a 4x5 Ebony, so the value of the individual items remained a mystery to me. I did initially check Ebay, but I have admit that I was a bit floored at the prices these were fetching - and suspicious. Also, they're all shipping out of Japan, so it appears that they're all from the same seller. If I decide to sell it will be considerably lower than what I've seen on Ebay.
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