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Thread: New Arca-type Lever Clamp from FLM

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    Re: New Arca-type Lever Clamp from FLM

    All great improvements!

    We wait
    Tin Can

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    Re: New Arca-type Lever Clamp from FLM

    Since I was last here, we've added a new clamp and a new tripod to the line-up, with a second tripod in the works.

    The new QLB-80 clamp is a lever clamp with an adjustable jaw, and it's Arca-compatible.
    The final product will have several more holes drilled and tapped in the body for more attachment options.
    Early February or sooner is when they'll be available, retail price of around $115.00.

    Before we can make the 2-section tripod of our dreams, we had to make the more conventional 4-section version.
    It's quite marvellous, I have the prototype here. It's 73 inches tall, weighs just under 6 pounds, and is 25" long folded.

    The new series is called Atlas, and it will feature a top-notch apex system to serve both 100mm and 75mm standard bowl accessories (centre post, levelling ball, etc).
    All Atlas tripods will use 42mm tube diameters.
    Here's the new Atlas CP42-L4 (4 section):

    Retail price for Atlas CP42-L4 will be just under $1100.00 and available in mid-February.
    It's available to pre-order at 10% off.

    The 2-section tripod will be an Atlas Series tripod, and we're already at work on it. I think it may be a special-order item, but we'll see.
    This 2-section Atlas needs a new rubber foot design, different from other FLM tripods, even different from the 4-section Atlas.
    That's because the 42mm tube will be on the bottom, and the top section will be a thinner 38mm tube. A reverse tripod which will allow for leg adjustment at about 2.5-3 feet up.
    The thicker 42mm tube doesn't have a rubber foot wide enough to support it, so we'll design a new foot for it, and use the same apex as other Atlas tripods.

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