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Thread: I'm not sure if it's a popular size, but can I get some 5x7 camera recommendations?

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    Re: I'm not sure if it's a popular size, but can I get some 5x7 camera recommendation

    The Technika 1318 V has front and rear swing on the front standard and shift and rise and down. You have an intern al rail for focusing with short focal lenses. And a lot of indirect movements to overcame limitations of the bed cameras. With the geared raíl and the bed movements you have a lot of options.

    It’s not as technically advanced as some modern cameras (rear focusing, asymmetrical movements) but it’s really a great and versatile camera

    For the weight you need to spare lenses and holders to stay on the same league of new flatbed cameras but few are so rigid

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    Re: I'm not sure if it's a popular size, but can I get some 5x7 camera recommendation

    5x7 and 4x5 Sinar Norma TLR's by Nokton48, on Flickr

    "Construction Unit Design" allows me to upsize the camera to 13x18/5x7. Nice to have the larger format, I am just getting going with 5x7 and 13x18. 240 Componons on the left, 250 Imagon pair on the right. BTW I bought one of those Luland Norma copy Pan Tilt Heads, it's OK in my opinion. After all, how many new things can you buy for the Norma?
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    Re: I'm not sure if it's a popular size, but can I get some 5x7 camera recommendation

    if you get lucky, you might find a Szabad !
    Find a friend in Sweden, you might be able to find the metric equivalent, I think they
    take imperial measure film holders ...

    Good luck with your camera search.
    enjoy your coffee

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    Re: I'm not sure if it's a popular size, but can I get some 5x7 camera recommendation

    Quote Originally Posted by manfrominternet View Post
    Has anyone ever shot 5x8? Since 8x10 film is so readily available, it seems as though it would be easier to purchase any of the available 8x10 film, cut it in half to 5x8 (or even 4x10) with a rotatrimmer and shoot it that way.

    On a piece of paper, I drew out the various film sizes - 4x5, 5x7, and 8x10 - and noticed that 5x7 isn't really that much bigger than 4x5. Even though it's only 1" wider than 5x7, 5x8 really starts to feel like a larger negative.

    I guess what I'm really asking is what is the biggest bang for your buck (or rather what is the largest film size I can use per dollar).
    I did the same thing when going bigger but did it with prints so I could actually hold them. 5x7 still felt small as a contact print - 5x8 was leading me more toward 8x10 - 4x10 made me realize I like Pano - 11x14 and 7x17 were fabulous but I'm getting old and thats a lot of gear to carry not to mention the price jump for everything. Then I printed 5x12 after seeing some images online, and ended up with Chamonix making a 5x12, it is perfect for me, with built in cropping to 5x7 and 5x8 and 5x10 if desired. One other format that Jim Galli pushed but is rarely used any more is 7x11 and it is an amazing size, I also like 9x12 prints. 5x12 still has size,weight, and packing issues when hiking but I can carry it and my 4x5 in same pack with careful planning. If you go with 5x7 and 5x8 horizontal only then get a sturdy head that can turn 90 degrees for the rare verticals you want.
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