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Thread: Modern Changing Tent?

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    Re: Modern Changing Tent?

    Does anyone vacuum out the Harrison tents or otherwise clean it? How do you do it?

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    Re: Modern Changing Tent?

    you could just get a small grow tent and flip the fabric inside out. a little less portable but more useful.

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    Re: Modern Changing Tent?

    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Klein View Post
    Does anyone vacuum out the Harrison tents or otherwise clean it? How do you do it?
    In the studios, we would vac everything near film with a premium shop vac with drywall dust or finer filters... Holders, changing bags, bellows, cases, film boxes etc... Would be fine for changing tents...

    Use the brush attachment overall (keep it clean by washing regularly), and slot nozzle attachment for corners/crevices, but be careful as some vac are very powerful suckers!!! Try to keep vac as far away from items being dusted, and vac surfaces you are placing clean items on... Bag clean items ASAP as you clean, to keep them clean... And wash hands, and don't wear linty clothes when doing camera operations or shooting... Don't stuff holders etc into pockets as they tend to be linty...

    There are also pro computer vac that are useful for photo needs that will not emit dust... They are smaller with good filters, but the battery operated ones are usually near useless...

    Don't use that vac for any other cleaning chore, but dedicated for film op use...

    I consider a clean vac essential for LF operations... Being compulsive here pays off big time!!!

    Steve K

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    Re: Modern Changing Tent?

    I too use a Harrison tent, but I don't take it with me while in the backcountry. The reason has more to do with the bulk of it than the weight. For those trips I take one of those change bags that looks like a t-shirt. It's not ideal. Perhaps I should put my mind do designing something compact yet can support itself.
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    Re: Modern Changing Tent?

    My Harrison is like new after 18+ years. it stays set up unless I'm actually traveling with it. I "hide" it out of the way under one of my wife's two grand pianos with the sleeves draped across the opening to keep the (fur-ball) kitty out!!!

    Moisture is generally not an issue in Tucson, although the last few days of Monsoon rains have dampened things a bit. I think we've already had more rain this Monsoon season than we had all of last year.

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    Re: Modern Changing Tent?

    I'm also a user of the Photoflex Changing Room, have it 30 years now, but I have the space to keep it up all the time. Works for me for 8x10".
    I own the gear, but those don't make masterpieces. My everyday experience.

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    Re: Modern Changing Tent?

    Thanks for the link Ari.

    FYI for walking shoes, I learnt that storing them inside a plastic bag caused the rubber/urethane soles to disintegrate. Storing another pair in the open for the same period was OK.

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