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Thread: LED light recommendations for dark box

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    Question LED light recommendations for dark box

    when I built my dark box, I bought a pair of LED rechargeable bike lights from amazon to use inside it. However, the battery in them only lasts for a couple hours, so to replace those I bought a pair of similar lights that are powered by AAA batteries, however the AAA powered lights aren't nearly as bright, and seeing the developing stage is difficult with them. Do any of you have recommendations for specific lights you use in your dark box? I've also thought about getting a large battery pack to hook the rechargeable lights up to while I'm working, which may be what I do.

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    Re: LED light recommendations for dark box

    Google "Astronomy LED Red light". I prefer and use a red LED Headlamp. Some red LED penlight flashlights have multiple brightness modes. Bike lights for some reason have shorter working times in my experience. Possibly they are are operating at maximum brightness settings all the time?

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    Re: LED light recommendations for dark box

    I use a pair of these. They're great!

    Kent in SD
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    Re: LED light recommendations for dark box

    Mine comes from Italy, amazingly bright (yellow).
    Never fogged a plate, runs from a usb powerbank.
    On the auction site, user "vendoesvendotutto"

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