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Thread: How Deep Do You Dustbust 2021

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    Re: How Deep Do You Dustbust 2021

    I know, I am an idiot. But I do dust removal at 200 %. I do it from the top to the bottom and from left to right side. I have a scale od 1 cm painted on the bottom of my monitor and slide the neg./scan. A 4x5 capture take about 4 hours, but it is very effective.

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    Re: How Deep Do You Dustbust 2021

    Perhaps some want an AI Program that could seek and destroy dust
    NO WORDS No Questions until 2022 Images Only

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    Re: How Deep Do You Dustbust 2021

    My scans from 4x5 are 40x50 inch at 300 dpi, file size 1Gb. For an 8x10 that would translate into 80x100 inch and 4Gb, so it is apples to apples...
    Cleanup in PS at a 100% view with a combination of healing brush or clone brush takes about 20-30 mins depending on the image content. And I remove every spec that I see. I don't have many to begin with because most of it is taken care of before scanning...
    Before each scanning session my work table surface is cleaned up with a wet sponge, then dry lint free cloth and then covered by a layer of lint free paper (that I save and reuse)
    In case of a flat-bed scanner the base glass goes on top of that layer of paper for mounting...I also put my just scanned films onto that layer of paper to dry.
    - Cleanup the drum or base glass
    - Attach a sheet of mylar along one edge keeping a sheet of overlay paper underneath the mylar
    - Holding by free opposite end, lift up both mylar and overlay from the drum or glass
    - Blow off dust from the drum or glass surface underneath the mylar
    My film is lab processed and comes in sleeves.
    Each sheet :
    - take it from sleeve
    - while holding it between 2 fingers and bending slightly outwards, blow off dust from both surfaces using canned gas (wholesales prices are not bad and a can lasts me for 30-60 sheets)
    - blow off the dust from drum (glass) again
    - apply mounting fluid to the drum, glass
    - put the film onto the drum, glass ( film surfaces, once taken from the sleeve , never touch anything but drum or base glass)
    - remove the overlay paper from the mylar
    - blow off dust from the "inner" surface of mylar, directionally from side to side instead of top to bottom as all that stuff will settle on the film down below.
    - apply mounting fluid onto the film surface
    - roll mylar over and seal
    - cleanup the outer mylar surface
    - Mount the drum or base glass into the scanner
    - Final dust blow off from the surfaces
    - Scan

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