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Thread: Meopta Magnola (someone else...)

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    Meopta Magnola (someone else...)

    I have a Meopta Magnola (13x18 field camera) but I don't have film holders to use in it.

    Does anyone know if they can be found, built at home or change the camera back to accept standard film holders?


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    Re: Meopta Magnola (someone else...)

    Maybe Richard Ritter could help you out. I don’t know where you’re posting from, but he has done some good custom work for me and with fair prices.

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    Re: Meopta Magnola (someone else...)

    Its a copy of the Linhoff Technika series of camera's: they use the same kind of plateholders. They use old style single metal holders without a rim, in German they are called Millionenfalz Planfilm Kassetten
    I think the Magnola has the 13x18 continental film size, so with this info you best search the German LF forum and/or the German Ebay site.
    Rada made these single metal holder too.

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    Re: Meopta Magnola (someone else...)


    have a look at post #21 in this thread....


    Obviously it will depend on the meopta being a precise copy of the linhof.

    Good luck...

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    Re: Meopta Magnola (someone else...)

    Thank you. I will look for this holders.

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