This is a device I fabricated for a friend who wanted a way to use a half-dozen of her vintage and antique lenses on three of her cameras - a Speed Graphic, Leica M Monochrom and Nikon D850. The lenses had been either unmounted or on Sinar boards. I mounted each onto 4x5 Graphic lensboards.

She needed a rotating mount for the Leica and Nikon and the bellows draw needed to be great enough to accommodate her longest lenses. The Pentax 67 bellows unit was heavily modified by mounting a Graflex 4x4/Graphic lensboard adapter on the front standard and a Nikon rotating mount from a Nikon bellows unit on the rear. The 67 bellows had the necessary height to allow camera rotation.

The Nikon mount was chosen because she owned a Nikon to Leica M adapter, allowing her to attach both the Leica and Nikon bodies.

We couldn’t believe our luck when I discovered a flange for her Plasticca lens in my box of flanges. Her Plasticca flange was too large to fit the Graphic lensboard but my flange was an excellent fit.

The bellows unit can be disassembled to save space when traveling, which was what she was planning to do with it.