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Thread: 4x loupe

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    Re: 4x loupe

    Sorry to dig up an old and seemingly resolved thread. I've ben following this (and others, perhaps) because I've never had a loupe that really satisfied all my needs. Smaller 4x loupes worked with some cameras but gave me fits with cameras that had hoods. Yes, I could always remove the hood but like them for GG protection when not in use. So looking for a vintage loupe and frustrated because of cost and that most are in Japan. So opted to try a new made-in-china loupe, eTone 6x. For under $100 received a really well made loupe that really works great for my applications. Adjustable focus; rubber ends; metal construction; clear glass... and a neck strap too. There are several eBay vendors (who I think really might be the same organization using different names) - some shipping from China; others shipping from Kentucky. Delivery time was about 7 days from order.

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    Re: 4x loupe

    Peak makes an inexpensive 5x loupe for about $15. It works pretty well and if you drop it or step on it in the field you haven't broken the bank.


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