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Thread: 4x loupe

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    Re: 4x loupe

    I like my 4X Rodenstock.

    In the past I have used an "Optivisor" head set like jeweers and watchmakers use.

    I have also used a pair of perscription "reading" glasses with high magnification ("high" for reading glasses).
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    Re: 4x loupe

    My main loupes are a Pentax 5.5x, simple magnifier, Agfa Lupe 8x, small 10x loupe, and a pair of prescription eyeglasses.

    Pentax 5.5X: This is my favorite loupe except for using it with WA and extreme WA lenses. The top lens on the Pentax is almost double the diameter of the Peak/Horsemen 6x that it replaced. This makes a huge difference when using them on a GG. The bottom base is clear. I have heard that an interchangeable opaque base was also available.

    Plain/simple magnifier used by Eugene Smith: Excellent for using with WA and ultra WA lenses. Most people think that W Eugene Smith only used 35mm cameras. According to his son, who I got the loupe from, he also was very adept in using an 8x10 Sinar Norma to photograph his Pittsburg essay.

    Agfa Lupe 8x: Honestly the loupe I use the most. Totally plastic but it just works and takes up very little room. Can be accidently dropped onto a rock without worrying about breaking glass. Lots of times I leave the much larger Pentax home and take another lens in its place.

    Small 10x loupe: Use this one on the GG of my 4x5 Nikon Multiphot. Came with the Multiphot but I don't think that Nikon offered it. Too much magnification for me in the field.

    Prescription close up eyeglasses allow me to view the GG from approximately 5-6 inches away. My Optometrist called them jeweler's eyeglasses since the only other pair he ever had made was for an amateur jeweler. With these both hands are free, but they are not as precise as my Pentax loupe.

    Addendum: Just found my Linhof 8X loupe. Being smaller than my Agfa 8x Lupe, it regularly got misplaced, and one time even left behind. Presently I am trying to figure out how to attach a fluorescent sunglass strap to it using heat shrinking tubing. It will then replace my Agfa lupe.
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