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Thread: Not understanding Toyo Base Tilt Front and Rear

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    Re: Not understanding Toyo Base Tilt Front and Rear

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Noel View Post
    If this is the model with a plastic body, we had one at the college. The 1st time it was put on a tripod by the lab tech, the body cracked and was unusable.
    The CF is the carbonfiber model. I agree with you. My friends at The Camera Store let me have one for the weekend. I was not convinced it was worth the saving in weight & happily returned it quickly on monday morning!

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    Re: Not understanding Toyo Base Tilt Front and Rear

    Here's some specs from an instruction book for Toyo 45AII.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Toyo45ASpecs1_0001.jpg  

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    Re: Not understanding Toyo Base Tilt Front and Rear

    The 45A does indeed use the large knobs to create rear tilt. Note the more rear tilt used the more you must stop the lens down to expand the depth of focus to accommodate the movement. It is a base movement so it should be focus far and tilt near.
    It will be fine for landscape or non regular shipped objects, but not so good for Architecture if used to extreme as it introduces distortion. Front tilt can increase depth of field, but does introduce distortion, while rear tilt does.
    The camera was solid, but had one flaw. To use front shift, or swing, the front standard had to be unlocked, which meant the focus could change while shifting, and focusing would then need to be corrected.

    Also many people lost the rail locks in the base of the body as they would unscrew easily and needed constant checking to see if they were tight.

    Hope this is helpful.
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