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Thread: I need an advice - travel to Australia with 8x10?

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    Re: I need an advice - travel to Australia with 8x10?

    you're getting into the country ? heard it was hard as hell to get permission to enter, even for citizens stranded overseas.

    re:8x10. If you're travelling in country, I understand they are very strict re: carry on baggage weights. so the camera, filmed holders might be too much. before times, I'd consider it, but currently ? not sure. If you have a 4x5 outfit, I'd take that instead tbh, unless you are wedded to the 8x10 format. and as mentioned previously, X-rays will be the real issue when flying.

    good luck, and try to get to Victoria (Melbourne specifically). It's a wonderful state and some fine camera stores in Melnourne's cbb.
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    notch codes ? I only use one film...

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    Re: I need an advice - travel to Australia with 8x10?

    Don't know about the camera gear but I will tell you that the nice people on the plane may give you food such as fruit before you leave the plane.

    Make sure you DO NOT TAKE THE FRUIT WITH YOU FROM THE PLANE!!! Leave it on the airplane. Do not try to take fruit through customs. There are many countries where it is not a problem but it is a problem going in to Australia.

    Have a great time!

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    Re: I need an advice - travel to Australia with 8x10?

    Nah -- just eat it all before you get to customs, and I believe there is a bin to toss in fruit, etc before customs.

    I hope you can make it there...cause that means things are mellowing out! I have flown w/ 8x10 across country once (pre 9/11), but only 4x5 and 5x7 overseas. I was held up slightly in Peru when the scanner person had no idea what she was looking at (a 110 year old 5x7 camera). This was a couple years ago -- I just sent the film/holders on thru with the carry-on. FP4+ with no issues.
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    Re: I need an advice - travel to Australia with 8x10?

    Ship your film to a prearranged location in advance. Bring a film changing tent or equivalent. Treat your filmholders with antistatic spray if you're headed out into the dusty desert. People have gone to far more remote places with far bigger cameras. Getting a basic 8x10 system into an airline carryon can be done, but takes a bit of forethought. The tripod might be allowed near the front of the plane in something analogous to a golf bag. Golfers seem to do it all the time, but check with the specific airline in advance, or else take a tripod that will collapse down inside a regulation carryon. Whether it's a smart time to travel is a more complicated question. Some countries might be off limits to international travelers for quite awhile.

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    Re: I need an advice - travel to Australia with 8x10?

    I travelled a lot with 4x5 the last few times to Tokyo, Venice, and Bruges but that was before the new CRT scanners. I would just let the film go through the scanners because to request a hand check would run the chance of someone opening the box. Post CRT era I had fresh film shipped to my hotel and I used FedEx to send back the exposed film. All in all that more or less doubled the film budget. Still worth it.

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    Re: I need an advice - travel to Australia with 8x10?

    Big thing to remember is that Australian size carry-on luggage (for domestic travel) is smaller than US size. It is very rare for it to be weighed on Qantas or Virgin, but an oversize bag is pretty obvious and may get relegated to the hold. Checked luggage will be weighed and again will be less than you might be used to - usually 20kg, with a theoretical 8kg carry on bag. The budget carriers are less likely to be lenient since they can then charge you extra. An 8x10 appropriate tripod would be a bit of a nightmare without some sort of soft padded bag to protect it and even then the baggage-manglers would worry me. 8x10 *is* doable, but 4x5 would be a lot more sensible.

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    Re: I need an advice - travel to Australia with 8x10?

    I found that the time spent on location while traveling was the best indicator on what format to use... If someone only had a weekend someplace, they really don't have much time to scout out LF location sites and are lucky just to darken a few sheets of better and worst shots... If spending longer at a single locale, one's odds improve... Spending weeks or a month somewhere starts giving you a "home court advantage" as you can start to choose when the best time to shoot your pre-chosen subject is...

    While staying somewhere strange, my usual best shots appear in front of me on early or late day relaxed walks with a smaller handheld camera as I explore relaxed, happen to have a camera with me, and make use of the moment...

    Shooting far away also invites new issues you don't experience at home, like when I had to bring my (then new to me) Linhof Technika 4X5 to Puerto Rico only to find the humidity had swollen the film thickness, making it difficult to load/unload the sheets at night where I was staying... And the light can be very different than what you are used to etc...

    But good luck, and live and learn!!! ;-)

    Steve K

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