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Thread: D-76; Mixing Small Batch?

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    Re: D-76; Mixing Small Batch?

    I mixed up my first batch of D-23 and gave it a try this past weekend. I am very pleased with the results so far, and it seems to have many of the qualities that I like about Perceptol. I'll keep using it and see how it works out for me, and may try some of the Perceptol-like formulas that have been posted here.
    Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

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    Re: D-76; Mixing Small Batch?

    D-23 is a good formula for large negs that do not need much enlargement, but for very large prints or smaller formats (requiring more enlarging), there can be a slight mushy look due to lesser "edge" sharpness... 120 film shows it at normal enlargement, but slightly improves with the D-25 variation (at loss of some film speed)...

    But D-23 has wonderful tonality, and is reusable until it turns dark brown and smells like bad sour sulfur...

    Steve K

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    Re: D-76; Mixing Small Batch?

    If you had crap results with Rodinal, try HC110 with your Ilfords. Awesome stuff and last for a very long time; not that easy to find outside the US these days.....its like a syrup, so you can fill small bottles if you want to (although I never needed to) "Whether you think you can, or think you can't, you are right."

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