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Thread: Addendum to WG post...

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    Addendum to WG post...

    Not willing to add a question to WG 's post about corpyright, so I post it here...

    A magazine publisher take in a file of an ad from a client, the ad was published and the the copyright issue emerged....Who is responsible in this case?...

    The publisher or the client?...(giving that the publisher knows nothing about the image used by the client)....

    thanks for any input...

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    Addendum to WG post...

    A good magazine ad contract will have the ad agency or advertiser indemnifying the magazine from damages. That doesn't mean the magazine can't be taken to court if the plaintiff has the deep pockets to press the case, but they would probably be wasting their time going after the magazine.

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    Addendum to WG post...

    Thanks Frank, thanks Dan Smith..

    WG.. you got that...?

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    Addendum to WG post...

    Yes dan, thank you....

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