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Thread: Kangrinpoche Cosmos Circle 4x5 camera upgrade

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    Re: Cosmos Circle 4x5 camera upgrade

    I have been happy with all my Kangrinpoche

    Buy now
    Tin Can

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    Re: Kangrinpoche Cosmos Circle 4x5 camera upgrade

    Quote Originally Posted by europanorama View Post
    want to officially inform that some censourship is preventing me accessing their ebay shop at 3s-krpc. have now proofs. can only access their products(actually only 5 there) via links of google. when on profile-shop-access denied. TOR the only browser-solution.
    reason most probably: i had deep exchange about technical data of their 18°-cosmos circle pinhole-shutter. all through ebay. kangringpoche is tibetan.
    have their prospectus. one day i will upload scan.
    there is a second ebay-shop selling huge amount of their photographic stuff up to 8x10. 4x5 cams, also filmchanging tents and filmholder-bags. they had an unsuccessful kickstarter.
    UPDATE_NO CENSOURSHIP most probably- actually 3s-krpc has only one item. so one cannot see anything else.
    could be they have four shops now. but i dont see seperate shutter-it seem they are restarting production. when not M22.5mm but M22 x 0.5 i dont really know. with M22.5 plate would match multiple TLR at rear or front. Rolleicord, Richard Reflex.-
    Plates are perfectly made. even havbe found a universal tool to not perforate them when mounting. dont use sharp tool. tips must be 1.5mm largest. hole is 2mm but when at an V-shaped angle it will not hit at least not perforate since tips of tongs are blunt. will open new thread when i have more time with all my finding. i am on FB in multiple pinholeforum. some is already shown. actually rolleicord-experience/fail is as sticky. maybe only for friends. If i am getting echo i will continue to publish. if no help i will stop and keep all secrets for myself.
    e.g. still not know which diameter has thread of skinkpinhole-lens-kit. i had a deep exchange with 3s-krpc till he realized we need all data of his shutter. it has B and 1/6 sec when using cable or pneumatic cable releases in quickest manner. no images yet taken. but will do with APS-C cam comparing with their cap and other systems. i added old RSS brass plate to 18° adapter.
    here are the ebay-shops.
    cosmos circle 18°ebay shops
    3s-krpc 1
    iscope2011 554 items
    kangrinpoche 89
    they have multiple prospectus with multiple brands. one is mountkailash but com_domain is lost....i will publish/upload 4x5-camera-part. asap hope we have also file-section here. if not will upload in FB Pinhole group file-section beside thread.
    Who is behind the obstructions having access to the very same Stuff on now 5 accounts?
    Yes if only one item then no access to shop. but more items-option there
    cosmos circle 18°ebay shops
    3s-krpc 1
    iscope2011 554 items
    kangrinpoche 89

    e.g. the no behind name is telling how much items are listed.
    but one day later yesterday. no more ni kangrinpoche.
    whats you experience?
    i have access to one item when found in search. be it google or ebay.
    but then if more than one item in shop i should have access to both shop and more items.
    yes earlier cookies and cache had to be removed.
    maybe domain changed from ebay dot com to de or ch or whatever.
    will now clean pc. no virus
    windows 10 home and s.

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