Hi Tony.. I used to work at the Salford Innovation Forum.. took early retirement a couple of years ago and don't miss the hustle and bustle of working in Manchester

I've been looking back at Godwins work... specifically the forbidden land series... mostly because of a recent trip to Devon.. I took a walk along the coastal path at Peppercobe Beach.. decided I'd photograph Peppercobe Bothy.. only to be met by a National Trust sign that said I wasn't welcome unless I was a paying guest.. "so much for bothies being free for the common man" Godwin will be turning in her grave.. Apparently out of the 250,000 hectares the trust own.. 20% is coastal land.. So frustrating how limiting access can be due to private land ownership..

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Hello from North Yorkshire. Godwin and Moore fan here too. Used to live in Salford (often going to Peak District to photograph) before heading back here where I was brought up.