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Thread: Yellow, Orange, Red Filter Factors?

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    Re: Yellow, Orange, Red Filter Factors?

    Quote Originally Posted by jamgolf View Post
    I should most probably use the manufacturer's recommendations but just as an interesting exercise, I might do an experiment comparing similar exposures using metered value vs manufacturer's EV factor.
    I too will be interested in your findings.

    I remember starting out with my Lee polyester b/w set, and being suspicious of their easy confidence in compensation stops. I decided not to overthink it, just go with their numbers, see the results, and make any judgment calls with more time in the woods and general field notes.

    My overall experience? Their numbers have worked, I’d estimate, for 95% of my diverse landscape shots. I’m thankful my field notes haven’t led to a lot of over-thinking and distracting rationalizations. If I didn’t take notes, maybe that’s the situation I’d find myself in.

    (For those who might be curious, here’s what Lee recommends for their set: )

    Yellow # 8 (+1/3 stop)
    Yellow-Green #11 (+1 2/3 stops)
    Orange #21 (+1 stop)
    Red #23a (+2 stops)

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    Re: Yellow, Orange, Red Filter Factors?

    Lee polyester quality control is on the so-so side. But even if those figures do apply to one kind of film, they might not to another. Not all pan films have the same spectral response. It's a broad category. And any such adjustments also are relative to the kind of light source. That's why on film spec sheets you often encounter two separate sets of filter factors, one for daylight, the other for tungsten. You also often get a spectral response curve - but there you need to be especially careful making comparisons, because they don't all share the same light source either - some are based on warm color temp exposure instrumentation, some on nominal daylight balanced ones.

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