Thanks Andrej

The Durst Lambda I use is a 30 inch format so the largest negs I can make are approx. 28 inches by 38 inches live area. The lambda has an onboard densitometer that creates balanced 21 step wedges before one can operate the system. As long as the lasers can work with the sensitized emulsions it is good to go, I am currently using ortho 25 film on the unit. It is expensive but the negs are like your camera negs and if I process correctly they will last the test of time, unlike the inkjet negs Andrej mentions. so for the silver negs the Lambda creates the tonal characteristics and its up to the photographer to image the PS file to their tastes.. We use the Boutwell system for our inkjet negatives but we prefer not to sell them as there can be a lot of end user error that complicates the transaction. With the silver negs, if it looks like a neg, acts like a neg well its probably a neg.