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Thread: Dry Mounting Press / Change the Rubber carpet

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    Dry Mounting Press / Change the Rubber carpet

    I just received an Ademco dry mouting press, so cheap, i'm happy.
    I just need to change the sponge pad, the one on the bottom, 50x70cm, 1cm thickness.
    Do you have any idea, where to find that?
    Not sure to find that in hardware stores.
    Found that for the moment:

    I also received 2 zinc plates, probably to flatten the photo.
    Don't know if i put them between the cardboards, or next to the photo.
    And how do you use your cardboards, what materials do you use?


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    Re: Dry Mounting Press / Change the Rubber carpet

    I use a sheet of natural wool felt 8mm thick on top of the sponge along with mat board and sometimes a couple of teflon sheets, not always at the same time as it depends what I am using the press for and or the type of substrate I am using. The felt is because my sponge is not in in the best of condition, this may not be the ideal solution but it has worked for me so far.

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    Re: Dry Mounting Press / Change the Rubber carpet

    Replacement pads are available in most sizes from D&K and others. A quick Google search on "dry mount press replacement pad" should get you what you need.

    I see no reason why you shouldn't be able to use a pad from another manufacturer.



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    Re: Dry Mounting Press / Change the Rubber carpet

    Zinc plates are probably weights to put on top of the prints after mounting to help them cool flat.

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    Re: Dry Mounting Press / Change the Rubber carpet

    I was able to get a new pad for my Seal press. Maybe a pad for a Seal press fits yours, or maybe you could trim to fit.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Seal-New Pad.jpg 
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