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Thread: The Image Flow closing (UPDATE: moving)

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    The Image Flow closing (UPDATE: moving)

    For those in Northern California, sad news:

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    Re: The Image Flow closing

    I can't count the hours I've spent in the darkroom at IF. I'm really going to miss this special place.

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    Re: The Image Flow closing

    That is absolutely brutal. I can't claim to have spent a ton of time there, but the time I was there, Stuart was an absolute gentleman and a prince. Image Flow really did seem to be everything that was good and pure in photography. RIP.

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    Re: The Image Flow closing

    Bit of a resurrection for this thread (and the shop I guess), but The Image Flow is not closing but moving to Larkspur from the current Mill Valley location.
    Reopening Sept 2021.

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    Re: The Image Flow closing

    But no more rental darkrooms, alas:

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