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Thread: Edward Weston Remembered

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    Edward Weston Remembered

    Probably been posted before by Weston fans but I hadn't seen it. Short interview with Brett, Cole, Neil from 1971.

    Segment 1

    Segment 2

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    Re: Edward Weston Remembered

    This might be a good time for the newer Weston fans to watch the 1948 video that was made with the cooperation of friends and family, and show Weston at work. Weston is known for his B&W photography, but in the video he was actually using 8x10 Kodachrome transparency film. This was a project by Kodak to promote color photography. Weston made over a hundred Kodachrome transparencies, although few reach the impact of his B&W prints. More recent film biographies of Weston, even done by a capable crew with a higher budget, lack the presence of Weston himself.

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