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Thread: Locking the Arca Swiss z1-sp Plate

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    Re: Locking the Arca Swiss z1-sp Plate

    I've seen two different types of Gitzo top plates. The one I posted the link to is for use without a center column. The previous picture showed the grub screw for preventing the head from rotating. The picture below shows the large circle (with groove) the crown of the tripod legs clamps to.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Looking at the B&H website the "answered questions" say to remove the center column assembly and replace it with this "correct flat plate".

    Decades ago I took pictures in Yosemite Valley with a 35mm film camera. I wasn't happy with the results of the camera tilted up so I promptly bought a tilt/shift lens for the camera. Of course with LF you can return the film back to being parallel to the vertical scene even when the camera is tilted.
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    Re: Locking the Arca Swiss z1-sp Plate

    The problem with using the new Gitzo center plate is that the Arcatech base doesn't have a receptor for grub screws. The Gitzo base linked to has a mechanism for preventing rotation but it costs more than the Arcatech and you have to buy the 75mm bowl for it to work. That would bring the purchase price to almost double that of the Arcatech. My hope is that I can get it to work with the Arcatech. If not, then maybe I will return it for the Gitzo which is currently out of stock. Setting up yesterday using the AX's bubble level for the ball the left/right bubble on the Toyo rear standard was just touching the line from the inside so adjustment was minor. But the lens (760mm) wasn't centered on the subject and applying shift 3 times to the front standard introduced enough torque for the camera to rotate out of place. Of course you can rotate it back without changing anything optically but I prefer not to have to do this. So from now on I'm going to concentrate on having the camera properly "aimed" before extending the bellows - esp with the 760.


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    Re: Locking the Arca Swiss z1-sp Plate

    As a follow-up, I ordered the Archtech leveling head from B&H and while I haven't yet been out shooting with it I have set-up the camera with it and it works! I leveled the tripod by its bubble and then the leveling head by its bubble and finally the ball of the z1-sp with the 2-way bubble I keep for the AX. When I installed the MII and opened the rear standard its bubbles were perfectly centered - no further adjustment was needed. If it did need adjustment you only need to loosen the base's lock with one hand while grasping the z1 with the other and making the adjustment of the base as needed. So no torque is delivered to the camera and very little, if any, to the head. So this is going to work! The base adds ~1/2 lb and 2" to the height of the tripod set-up but it still lightweight for the task and folds to 29" with the leveling base and z1 attached. Still fits comfortably and securely in the Manfrotto MBAG80P padded case so no need to get a larger one.


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