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Good bag for just walking from the car to a shot real close by. That bag will demolish your back if you walk anywhere. Practical for storage, but otherwise a useless bag.
I do agree to some extent. I have and use a f/64 backpack with either my 8x10 or whole plate camera. Longest distance that I have hiked with the loaded f/64 was about a half mile. Doesn't ride like a loaded Dana but is doable. I did have a large Dana that I no longer used. Went to a local seamstress who has customized several items for me over the years. She actually had a good amount of experience with modifying hiking and camping equipment. Brought the f/64 and the Dana and asked her if she could mount the f/64 pack on the Dana's "frame". She said it was possible but she was very busy and not taking in work like that but to come back in a few months when things were slower. Went back a year later only to find out that she sold and retired from her Cleaning store.