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Thread: New to the Forum and Large Format Photography

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    New to the Forum and Large Format Photography

    Good evening!

    I am glad that I was recommended to this forum by a new friend. I recently bought a Tachihara 4x5 and am now on the hunt for a few lenses.

    I did a few photography classes in school well over a decade ago, and did a lot of processing and printing of 35mm in the dark room. As digital came about and progressed, so did my work / hobby by going digital as well. Fast forward and now I work in the medical field as a Firefighter Paramedic and am lucky enough to also be the photographer for the department. I am getting back into film, mainly large format, as a hobby to be able to just relax and enjoy the process. It will be a nice get-a-way from work. I am looking forward to spending quality time out in nature, attempting to capture just a sliver of the infinite beauty that is out there.

    Having read through quite a few posts on the forum, I am excited to join this community - the knowledge sharing / mentoring and kindness I have seen is fantastic and only possible by an amazing group of people.

    Almost forgot to introduce myself - I am Matt and I am from the greater DFW area in Texas. Spent a lot of time in AZ as well, and miss the mountains and beautiful desert landscapes.

    Cheers and be blessed.


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    Re: New to the Forum and Large Format Photography

    Welcome, I'm a fairly new 4x5 Large format shooter from central NJ. I spent some time out in Arizona and the SW shooting the national parks (digitally). So you're in a great area. There is a lot of good reference material in the Articles and Reviews section of the forum. Here's the direct link.

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    Re: New to the Forum and Large Format Photography

    Welcome to both mshannon & aunesti!

    So glad you folks found & joined our group of LF photographers & I'm looking forward to both of your contributions.

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    Re: New to the Forum and Large Format Photography

    Welcome Matt. Best forum for answers to even the most esoteric queries. We also like to see your results posted.
    ...Dilettante! Who you calling a Dilettante?

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