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Thread: Art is Emotion

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    Re: Art is Emotion

    Jody, I don't believe your images are banned, it is the insane discussion we fear.

    I for one want to see the political Images, not the chatter of opinion

    Please speak visually

    Today Brian posted this interesting image

    Augusta, GA - 5/21/2021
    Leica M6, Nikkor 2.8cm f/3.5, Foma 400, Pyrocat

    Quote Originally Posted by Jody_S View Post
    It's ironic that a photography forum such as this bans discussion of politics. All of my images that I consider successful are political statements.

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    Re: Art is Emotion

    Interesting thread Randy.

    To your point, the image I posted certainly seems to evoke certain emotions and assumptions on the part of the viewer. For context, the image was taken in the "JB Whites" building, apparently an old department store, hence the letters. But as seen, without context and presented as such, it makes one think of other historical signage.

    Also, many here made some very emotionally-charged comments when I initially posted images from a certain political figure's rally. It's still amazing to me how many will assume my political leanings based on what I happened to photograph.
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    Re: Art is Emotion

    Bryan, that happened to Austin on Facebook. He posted some images, and a number of people assumed he had a particular message. We humans have a very strong desire to form groups, and to make very quick decisions about who's in or out of them.
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