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Thread: Catherine Opie Studio Tour

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    Catherine Opie Studio Tour

    Whether you like her photography or not, this is a fascinating and comprehensive tour of Catherine Opie's studio. She gets into some of her technique, editing and archiving. She shoots all formats, both digital and film. Well worth watching.

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    Re: Catherine Opie Studio Tour

    Thanks Pieter!

    I bet everyone here wishes they had her studio

    I watched it all

    I also have one of her Dyke Decks, which are portraits on playing cards

    Her final advice is very good

    I didn't know she uses LF also

    and directly complained to EPSON
    Images vastly preferred

    not game trying to


    In Time

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    Re: Catherine Opie Studio Tour

    I like the fact that it shows that what is truly important is not our cameras, or the technicalities of how we process our negatives and prints (whether digital or wet), but our body (or bodies) of work. I did my first solo show at a small local gallery in January, and it was very good for me to try to collect work with a common theme and vision, and to then try to sequence it. I'd love to go down to the basement and get to work on my own studio (which is also a guest bedroom and storage area), but it is currently occupied (and will be for another 3 weeks) by my mother-in-law!

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