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Thread: New Book by John Finch

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    New Book by John Finch

    The Art of Black and White Developing 5th edition by John Finch.
    If you are into home brew formulas and you are not quite sure where to start this is the book for you. It covers formulas by Geoffrey Crawley, Patrick Gainer, Jay DeFerh, Sandy King, Barry Thornton and many others all in one book. Lots of easy to understand practical tips and advice. Great for beginners and experienced photographers alike. If you are not aware of John Finch check him out on Youtube search for Pictorial Planet, John's book is available through

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    Re: New Book by John Finch

    I just looked up his YouTube site, which appears geared for newcomers, and more power to him. I was surprised, however, that he recommended using his washaid (baking soda) after a one-minute water rinse and for only 2 minutes before final wash of 30. I sent a note.
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