New member 1st post here.....65 year-old here....have been away from film processing since 1975 when I was in college. I had a little Beseler 23C enlarger in my home back then. I used to shoot Plus X and Panatomic X, not so much Tri X. I developed film in Microdol X and my paper in Dektol. Anyway, I became a professional portrait and wedding photographer for 25+ years and sold my RB67 equipment when the bottom fell out with film and went digital. I regretted it ever since and just a couple months ago bought a used, but mint RB67 body, 120 back and waist level viewfinder. Had an eye level prism finder and a 90mm lens. Just ordered some Ilford HP5 today and tanks, beakers, etc to process my own film. Cross another item off the bucket list. Anyway, I went out on Youtube and watched a video by Ilford in processing HP5. It showed during the washing process the guy demonstrating this washed the film with about three separate tanks of fresh water and that was it. When I was processing film years ago, we used to run a constant bath of water for about 20 minutes. Apparently, this has all changed. Is this the standard practice now on the wash? Also, I live in the country and on well water. I have a small water distiller in my home and maybe I ought to be mixing my chemicals with distilled water rather than use well water with all it's impurities? Thanks in advance for any answers you can provide. I'm pretty happy to be getting back into this. Probably won't do the enlarger thing, but will be shooting some black & white and scanning it in. 120 film was always my first love. Shot a ton of Vericolor in my time.