I can find the cameras online but not a lot of information. I'm beginning on a repair project of one of these where the condition is lacking. The bellows are more hole than bellows and the front standard is broken off at the base.
The tripod is also just the legs and little else, so I need to find a way to rebuild that.
Does anyone perhaps know of some resources for repair information, parts, or original diagrams and dimensions before I remove the remnants of the bellows to make gluing the front standard easier?
When I say rough condition I mean it has sat around for decades as a display antique camera on the tripod before it came to me because "I like these old cameras". Rather than regift it and have it be someone else's problem I decided to just fix it up myself with the hope to bring it back to usable and acceptable aesthetic condition.
The particular issue this one faced is the previous owner fell down a flight of stairs that the camera happened to be on display on the landing of. Condition is better than expected of that.
Given all that (and this will be a stop-and-start project as finances permit, restoration is rather a luxury in the covid times) what is out there for resources? My searching only turned up sale listings and some pictures of the shutter, but the one on this camera differes. Likely it being a display antique means it could be missing parts that have been gone for who knows how long, so I can supply pictures and additional details if needed.