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Thread: Profiling the Imago Positive Paper

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    Profiling the Imago Positive Paper

    I posted on this topic some time ago but I do it again because (a) this forum is more appropriate than the one I used before (in "Image sharing" there was a long thread on Imago prints so I posted there) and (b) the document of the profiling of the Imago PP has changed a great deal.

    Soon after I posted the link to the first version of the paper I had an interesting meeting with Susanna Kraus here in Berlin and I learnt that the Imago devours developers and that the blacks I was getting -- pleasant but rather "relaxed" -- could be replaced by truly stunning ones. She told me that the key was developing at high temperatures. (In spite of the manufacturer's instructions to work at 20C/68F.)

    I made a few tests and added a third chapter to the document. In this new chapter I report the results developing with the Jobo CPP-2 (and not in trays as in Chapter 2), at 27C-32C (81F-90F) and use a strong Tiffen Low Contrast Filter 3 (instead of the weaker Lee Low Contrast 1 as in Chapter 2) that I recently purchased.

    The link to the final paper is still this one.

    Those of you who downloaded the paper before should download it again (and throw away the old one) because the latest one is quite different and more complete.

    The condensed version of the paper is that Susanna was 101% correct


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    Re: Profiling the Imago Positive Paper

    Thank you Marco

    I read the new paper entirely just now and downloaded

    I can buy it at Freestyle

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    Re: Profiling the Imago Positive Paper

    You're welcome.

    I realize that the base of the Imago -- Melinex, that of the old Ilfochrome, really plasticky -- may not be that popular. But the Imago requires very little water, and dries in an instant totally flat, with not even that slight bend that some RC have.

    I like it.

    I use also the Harman. Both papers have pro's and con's, but the ease of use of the Imago is unmatched. Yeah, it does have high contrast (before applying the appropriate countermeasures) but its contrast is a bit more contained than that of the Harman.

    And then there are those days with boring overcast sky and not a shadow anywhere ... contrasty positive paper -- either one -- ain't so bad!

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